Song For Sonia

by Sam Nolin

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Live Demo recorded by Guillaume Deraedt


I was lonely and a little bit sad
Still drunk because of the saturday night
And tell to myself that a perfect sunday don't exist
Nevermind there was one way to be sure
Behing the bar I looking at the door
This entry is also an exit

When no one sang silence remain the same
I wrote this song with her blood who runs in my veins.

Now she's here there's nothing to explain
I already loved her, i'm not the one to blame
we built something that christian call happiness.
But everytime everything turn to the same facts.
It's a concept we combine only with past
who take a long walk for going to Jesus.

Nothing was wrong in my head
And I was strong, cause my soul was in her hands

She told me to leave at the fall of the winter,
And I walk alone outside, in the cold water
Thinking about fate to be born on the november hate
I pray for a home with her or any place to be
It doesn't matter if it's in another country
Somewhere in a state and just us could be really great

So I hope we could meet us soon in a plane
Cause I regret not to be stuck in a train

Someday you'll back and i'll be always there for you, please don't forget us it was only the preview
Or maybe i will catch you for a second life, another together where you could be my wife
Never say never you know everything can change, sometimes is just cause our behaviour are strange
I miss your smell every evening when i close my eyes, I feel afraid and now I need my baby's arms
All the magic moments seems so far away, there's only one thing I want to hear you say :
"I need you, my friend"

All the road for me are turning to the grey,
Full of ashes, my mind looks like Pompeii
It's so disgusting, even for a rat
There's an answer for returning to green
If you're agree we need to plant a little tree
And create a good place to live with cat.

So, I will not say it again
I love you more, every second
But I know it is the end.


released December 6, 2011



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